7th EAAE PhD Workshop

3. Program



Plenary Session 1: Future Challenges for Graduated PhDs on Agro-food and Natural Resource Economics

  Session 1.A. Universities and Research Centres (November 8th)

  • Krijn Poppe (WUR, The Netherlands)
  • María Loureiro (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)


          Session 1.B. The Private Sector (November 9th)

  • Eric Soubeiran (Nature & Climate Director, DANONE, France)
  • MERCADONA (speaker to be confirmed)


          Session 1.C. International Organizations (November, 9th)

  • Jesús Antón (OECD, France and IFAD, Italy)
  • Adriana Ignaciuk (FAO, Italy)

Plenary Session 2: How to publish in Agro-food and natural resource Economics (November, 10th)

  • Ada Wossink (Editor, ERAE – University of Manchester, UK)
  • Salvatore di Falco (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Plenary Session 3: Giovanni Anania’s lecture (November, 10th)

  • Margherita Scoppola (University of Macerata, Italy)

Note: The exact hours will be confirmed shortly.

The EAAE PhD workshop will be co-organized by the Spanish Association of Agricultural Economics (AEEA) and  the Centre for Research in Agrofood and Development Economics-UPC-IRTA (CREDA), with the support of the EAAE and the EAAEP Foundation.