7th EAAE PhD Workshop

5. Registration

To register to the 7th EAAE PhD Workshop you must:

  1. Register at: #7th EAAE PhD Workshop ( via Conf Tool).
  2. Once registered you will receive an email with a link to validate your account
  3. Enter the online application, select the option Register as Participant and follow the steps by selecting your professional situation on the status section, and later by selecting the payment method.

Registration fees:

  • PhD student’s:           100€   
  • Regular participants:  140€

The fee covers documentation, lunches, workshop dinner and coffee breaks and should be paid before 20th October, 2017.

Note 1: Contrary to other EAAE events, PhD students do not have to be a member of the EAAE to be able to participate in the EAAE PhD workshop. Regular participants have to be member of the EAAE at the time of registration for the workshop. For becoming member of the EAAE, the EAAE membership fee is 120 Euro for the triennial period 2017 – 2019 to be paid in advance of registration via the website of the EAAE www.eaae.org.

Note 2: Up to 8 grants of 400 Euros will be available from students coming from developing countries. The conditions to apply for the grants will be announced when notifying the acceptance of proposals.