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Angulo A.M.; Gil J.M., 2007. ”Spanish demand for food away from home: a panel data approach”. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 58 (2), 289-307

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Angulo, A.M.; Mtimet, N.; Gil, J.M., 2008. “Análisis de la demanda de alimentos en España considerando el impacto de la dieta sobre la salud”. Economía Agraria y Recursos Naturales, 8(2), 3-30.

Dhehibi, B.; Gil J.M.; Angulo, AM., 2007. “Nutrient effects in consumer demand systems: evidence from panel data”. Food Economics, 4(2), 89-102

Books and chapters

Ben Kaabia, M.; Gil, J.M., 2011. “The Italian demand for imported virgin olive oil: a threshold almost ideal demand system approach”. In: RENZITIS, A. (ed.): Research Topics in Agricultural and Applied Economics (Volume 2). Bentham Publishers.