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What we do


TREASURE-Horizon 2020 Grant


CREDA is a partner of the TREASURE project. The aim of the project is to improve knowledge, skills and competences necessary to develop existing and create

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CREDA is a partner of the REFRESH project in Spain. The aim of the project is to reduce food waste across Europe

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Nuevo Grupo de innovación para la digitalización de circuitos cortos de comercialización de frutas y hortalizas

Agroboca impulsa la creación de un Grupo Operativo supra autonómico

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Creación de Grupo Operativo de innovación


AGROBOCA, FRUTOS LOS PISAOS, COOPERATIVA AGRA y CREDA, crean el Grupo Operativo de innovación “Digitalización de circuitos cortos de comercialización agroalimentarios en frutas y

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What we do

•  Promote research and provide service in the social sciences fields, applied to the agro-food and rural development areas.

•  Assess the Generalitat of Catalonia in agro-food related matters.
Provide assistance and technical support to agro-food companies and organisations and to those institutions and public organisms, which may require it.

•  Promote scientific cooperation with other national and international research centers.

•  Organise activities and courses.

•  Take part in the Catalan universities' teaching programmes related to the Foundation's fields of study.

•  Tranference of scientific and technical information.

•  Promote the development of science and technology transfer.

•  Encourage technical extension activities in CREDA's field of study and analysis.

•  Promote and make available to the scientific community a center based on quality criteria, which with a commitment to be a reference center, be competitive and particularly capable of concurring in different research programmes, by its own means or in collaboration with other entities.