Price observatory of agricultural products in Catalonia


Client: Government of Catalonia, Ministry of Agriculture

Coordinator: Lluc Mercadé

CREDA continues to provide technical support to the Agri-Food Prices Observatory of Catalonia (OAPC) of the Department of Agriculture (DARP) of the Generalitat de Catalunya, specifically, during 2019 in relation to the statistics of reference prices of the stone, seed and dried fruit. The tasks performed include updating the system to collect and manage the prices provided by the collaborating companies (fruit and nut breakers) of stone fruit of 2019 and seed and dried fruit of the 2019/2020 campaign; the weekly reception (stone fruit and seed) and fortnightly (nuts) of the prices and integration in the corresponding database, as well as the review of the information received and calculation of the weighted average prices and the elaboration of the information of prices to publish on the DARP website and to send to partner companies. Besides, CREDA deals with the collaborating companies to help them resolve technical and methodological issues related to the price collection process and with the developers of the DARP online application to collect prices.


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