Circular Agronomics

Circular agronomics aims to increase resource efficiency and the reuse and recovery of nutrients in the European agro-food system, while addressing associated environmental challenges such as GHG and ammonia emissions and the eutrophication of water bodies due to excessive nutrient leakage. A multi-actor and trans-disciplinary approach is adopted to test practical solutions to these nutrient challenges at five study areas. Solutions focus on novel organic soil amendments, improvements in crop, grassland, and livestock management to optimize nutrient cycling and minimize GHG emissions, and valorization of recovered nutrients and carbon.

Duration: September 1 2018 – August 31 2022

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CREDA’s Role

CREDA is involved in the analysis of the determinant factors and barriers affecting farmers’ adoption of the different sustainable farming systems proposed by Circular Agronomics. CREDA is further responsible for the analysis of consumer willingness-to-pay (WTP) for more sustainable food, in particular for the products obtained via the proposed technologies. A specific investigation in Catalonia concerns the impact of sustainability-related policies (such as a tax on CO2 emissions) on consumer behavior, using Kantar Worldpanel home-scan food purchase data.

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