Conclusion of the REFRESH project

The project REFRESH (resource efficient food and drink for the entire supply chain) was completed this past june, 2019. In CREDA, we were in charge of creating, coordinating, and promoting the Spanish platform, REFRESH España. The platform consists of actors from all nodes of agro-food value chains, members of government and administration, and research centers nationwide. Via the platform, we shared knowledge and guidelines for good practice, and undertook case studies with the objective of reaching voluntary agreements aiming to prevent and reduce food losses and waste. Through the platform, we contributed to improvements in the sustainability of the agro-food system and toward achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 12.3!

We have put together some interesting and informative materials about the platform and food waste in general, which can be very helpful in conveying the problem of food waste and current efforts being undertaken to tackle the causes. Check them out and please feel free to share them with your colleagues and on your social media platforms!

REFRESH Spain – The issue of food waste and how we tackle it along the value chain

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