CREDA presents #COVIDBytes, Capsules of useful information during the COVID-19 crisis

The current crisis due to COVID-19 has enshrined the foundations of our society, forcing us to rethink the ways in which we live, produce, and consume. It has revealed bare the structures and foundations that were clearly not working in our best interests, but it has also given rise to initiatives that reflect what we are capable of, and asks us to think deeply about the future we want.

CREDA, from its position as a thought leader and its dedication to public service focusing on the agro-food sector, is keeping track of the initiatives that are worth highlighting and from which we can draw lessons in the future. We are proud to present #COVIDBytes, information capsules which will help you understand and stay informed about the responses of the agro-food sector to the crisis, and which we hope will enable and inspire positive changes in your life and your surroundings regarding safe, healthy, and future-oriented decisions related to food.

Stay tuned to the News section of our website to access this extremely helpful information as it rolls out.

These will also be posted on our Twitter, along with other (great) content

The complete #COVIDBytes series:
0. Introduction (April 13)

1. COVIDByte #1 (April 14)

2. COVIDByte #2: Assistance Available to the Agro-Food Sector (April 22)

3. COVIDByte #3: Changes in Consumption Patterns (April 28)

4. COVIDByte #4: Impacts on prices (April 28)

5. COVIDByte #5: The Importance of Seasonal Workers (May 6)

6. COVIDByte #6: The Approach One health (May 11)

7. …

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