Determining opinions and perceptions of the stakeholders’ network of the COPPEREPLACE project through qualitative techniques. (PTV – COPPEREPLACE)

1-1-2022 a 30-62022 
Client: PTV (Plataforma Tecnológica del Vino)

The wine sector faces fungal diseases, particularly downy mildew, by applying copper. Copper is a natural pesticide that is applied in different formulations. Despite the advantages of this product, applied in high doses is the cause of soil toxicity. For this reason, the European Commission plans to reduce the permitted application doses. The Interreg Sudoe COPPEREPLACE project aims to develop and implement new technologies, products and strategies to reduce the application of copper in vineyards and remediate contaminated soils in the SUDOE region. CREDA-UPC-IRTA supports the PTV (Technological Platform for Wine) in this project, to determine the opinions and perceptions of the Network of Agents of the project, focusing on two specific aspects, technological and political, and through the implementation of techniques qualitative.

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