Strength2Food joins 15 academic partners from Europe, Thailand, And Vietnam, as well as 12 relevant national and international stakeholders in a project tackling the concept of food quality labelling schemes. The project aims to identify how the benefits of quality logos can be extended to have positive effects on rural development in disadvantaged areas, and to evaluate current food sector reforms and improve their efficacy in the future. Policies for designating food quality which also consider environmental, social, and health aspects are assessed, simultaneously stimulating the development of new quality markets and local food chains.

Duration: March 2016 – March 2021

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CREDA’s Role

CREDA leads the task which assesses how prices for products obtained under different food quality schemes (FQS) are transmitted along the food marketing chain, and the extent to which FQS have proved useful in reducing price volatility after the price spikes of 2007-‘08. The assessment is conducted individually for different food product categories and EU member states, using advanced time series econometric models and further comparing results with those obtained for conventional food product counterparts. CREDA is also involved in the evaluation of the economic, social, and environmental impacts and sustainability of EU FQS, and in measuring the contribution of FQS to rural economies and territorial cohesion.

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