Amèlia Sarroca

Research technician

Amèlia Sarroca has a degree in the first promotion of Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences, an interuniversitary degree from UB and UPC, and is a nutrition technician with a wide experience in teaching culinary arts and nutrition, related with food waste. As well years of experience as Chef in Vanguards restaurants. She collaborated with NGO’s in Nepal in the matter of creating a course on Culinary arts and teaching children with no families. She has also collaborated with the Food Industry, collaborating with several companies as consultant in food safety and development of recipes due new technologies.

Her big objective actually is research in food waste prevention, believing that education of children and youth is primary to promote healthy eating habits that benefit the new generations and the following ones due to a healthy, fair and sustainable diet. Raise awareness to population through research and diffusion of multidisciplinary working groups knowledge.

Está involucrada en los siguientes proyectos

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