Anna Sagrera Cots

Research Technician

Anna Sagrera holds a degree in food engineering. She has studied a master both in fermented beverages specialization in enology research and in promoting agroecological local farming. This wide profile let her carry out statistical and social projects in agrifood, especially in consumers’ perception of Catalan wines, biodynamic viticulture, and school agroecology.

Nowadays, she is working in funding, research, innovation, and technological transference projects in the agri-food sector in Catalonia, as well as this sector dynamization and development in the territory. With a strong interest in environmental, economical, and social sustainability, she is hoping to contribute to the improvement of our agrifood system, strengthening local dynamization and rural conspicuousness, development, and generational shift.

Is involved in the following projects
1 April, 2015


1 July, 2015


1 March, 2016


1 July, 2016


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