TREASURE is a project involving 25 partners from 9 countries aiming to improve capabilities for the creation of new sustainable supply chains for pork based on local pig breeds. The activities of the project are carried out under a perspective of sustainability which considers environmental impact, animal welfare, product quality, consumer preferences, and market potential. A key goal is the promotion of networking between academia and non-academic partners, within and across regions.

CREDA’s Role

CREDA leads the assessment of private components of farm-level costs and benefits for the traditional-breed farms of each case study. CREDA also assesses the social demand for the public goods produced by extensive pig farming systems and the traditional breeds in the different case studies (e.g., conservation of landscapes or breed diversity), considering the societal willingness-to-pay (WTP) for improved scenarios involving these breeds and their conservation. Consumer preferences are also evaluated considering hypothetical and sensorial (real) scenarios for meat-based products from traditional pig breeds, including analysis of the impact of sensory perception in a real auction environment.


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