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the Center for Agro-Food Economics and Development

  is a  research foundation conducting R & D in the agro-food sector, providing its services and information to government, public, and private sectors, and becoming recognized as a reference center for agro-food economy and rural development both in Catalonia and internationally.

CREDA is comprised of a diverse and talented team of researchers, consultants, and technicians with backgrounds spanning economics, agricultural and forestry engineering, sociology, and environmental science. Operating at the crossroads of the public and private sectors, CREDA is perfectly situated to act as a reliable agent in the transfer of accurate scientific information assisting actors along food value chains make informed decisions.

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Competitiveness of the Agro-Food Sector

Analyses of the competitiveness of agro-food chains with a focus on sustainable, ethical, and healthier food systems, considering consumer behavior, acceptance, and willingness-to-pay for innovative and traditional food products. The understanding of stakeholders’ preferences toward new food policies and market conditions is also addressed, as are issues related to agro-food production, specifically food price transmission, technical efficiency, and attitudes toward risk.

Agro-Food Consulting

Consulting on questions related to agro-food economics arising from public administration, the private sector, and other not-for-profit entities. Involves the design of insurance policies to cover agricultural rents, evaluation of public policies, value chain analyses, fabrication of sectorial reports, and more.

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Natural Resources & Sustainability

Socio-economic analyses of agrarian (agricultural and forest) systems from a holistic point of view, focused on their sustainability, economic valuation of their ecosystem services, the perceptions and behaviors of actors along the value chain, supporting mechanisms and policies, and livelihood strategies adopted by smallholders in the face of global changes.

Competitive Research Projects

CREDA plays a central role in numerous highly competitive research projects funded at both the European and national level. Details of CREDA’s contributions to these groundbreaking projects can be found by following the links below.


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