The fish you eat, is it sustainable?

CREDA Debunking aquaculture myths Buying local, minimizing waste, avoiding intensive production brands, ... these are all practices that more and more people adopt in our daily lives. Responsible consumption is one of the key elements for sustainable development. However, is responsible consumption translating well into seafood products? The products obtained from the marine environment can… Read More

The secret weapons to reduce food waste at home

CREDA Stale bread. Expired yogurts. Forgotten leftovers… How much food do you think you throw away each year? Thanks to this project from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, we have some interesting data: in 2020, 13 million kilograms of food were wasted in homes, either in the form of unused products or… Read More

The map to a sustainable future

CREDA How do we solve a complex problem, like global poverty? Or the climate crisis? They are challenges so broad and complicated that we would not even know where to start. What if, by trying to solve one of them, like hunger for example, we caused an even bigger problem in the environment? Addressing this… Read More

Towards a ‘new’ post-COVID agri-food system

Chema (José M.) Gil Roig Director When we were planning our activities and projects for the new year, at the end of 2019, nobody could have imagined what was coming. The health and economic crisis generated by COVID-19 has led to important changes in the behavior of people and companies. To what extent these shifts… Read More

We launch our blog! A shared space to give voice to our team

Lourdes Reig Puig Dr. in Marine Sciences | CREDA Communication Manager For those of us who work in education, the year always seems to start in September. The energy we’ve renewed over the holidays not only fuels new ideas, but also makes us feel more capable of seeing them through — despite everything, despite the… Read More