RTA2017-00036-C03-01. Silvopastoralism as an adaptation strategy for integrated rural development in the Mediterranean

This project aims to design integrated management strategies involving extensive livestock farming and silviculture, to set the foundations for an integrated and resilient rural development framework. The hypothesis is that a greater degree of integration between extensive livestock farming and silvicultural management of forest ecosystems contributes to a reduction in the vulnerability of both economic activities, while maintaining or improving the services they provide to society.

The project examines current and potential integration between extensive livestock farmers and forest owners, including their capacity/willingness to adopt innovative co-management schemes, and further identifies consumer preferences for the products of silvopastoral systems and proposes viable future scenarios for silvopastoralism, with the participation of key stakeholders.

Duration: January 1 2018 – December 31 2020

CREDA’s Role

CREDA leads the assessments of the typologies of forest owners, consumer preferences for pastoral products, and preferences of farmers and foresters for innovative payment schemes to fund joint silvopastoral activities. CREDA also leads the design and proposal of future scenarios for silvopastoral systems, with the input of key stakeholders.


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