VINOVERT is a project investigating social responsibility in the wine industry, amongst both consumers and producers, focusing on the market competitiveness of socially responsible wines. Linking perspectives from economy, sociology, oenology, and agronomy, VINOVERT considers technical and scientific solutions to reduce pesticide and additive usage in wines, especially paying attention to consumer attitudes and behavior toward such responsible products.

Duration: July 1 2016 – June 30 2019 (completed)

Project website:

VINOVERT is funded by Interreg SUDOE:

CREDA’s Role

CREDA performs the analysis of consumer willingness-to-pay (WTP) for more sustainable wines. In Spain, two experiments, on red and white wines, specifically compare standard wines with organic-certified PDO wines. CREDA also assists in a comparative cost analysis, for which economic data is collected regarding both organic and conventional farming practices. Further, CREDA is involved in the elaboration of the White Book of resistant vine cultivars in Spain, and in a survey to identify the most effective means to respond to the environmental challenges facing the wine sector. For this purpose, key agents of the Spanish, French, and Portuguese wine sectors (both public and private) are consulted.


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